Artist:  SUNDAYS

Released: October 28th, 2014


"There’s something immediately alluring about Sundays’ electro-soul productions. Her songs possess this intricate balancing act of being both overt yet mysterious; carefully drawing you into them until you’re completely immersed in her atmospheric sound. Sundays’ will hypnotize you with each note."   – PIGEONS AND PLANES

"Sundays is a mystic slice of electro-soul, sub-bass boom-clap and deep well atmospherics blending into a murky, watercolor landscape of a huge moon falling slowly to the earth."   – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

"The gorgeousness that is Canadian artist Sundays is not to be taken lightly. Do not take this beauty lightly. Sundays self-production and hushed almost hypnotic vocal performance is among the most affecting set of melodies (and their execution) maybe of the year. This is the sort of music we want to play everyday at any hour."   – BLAH BLAH BLAH SCIENCE

"I’m not sure what it is about that Lana Del Ray-esq ‘live fast, love hard, die young’ tone that is so appealing to us “tortured youth”, but whatever it is, Sundays captures the beautiful morbidity with ease."   – BREAK THE VAULT

"Thank God for Sundays. We were almost forgetting what it was like to want to write about music."   – INDIE SHUFFLE

"Sundays is as serene a slice of classy electro-soul as you’re likely to find this side of a James Blake album. Even more impressive is that she produces her music herself."   – ALL NOISE

"Some people love Sundays because they are great lazy days. Other people hates Sundays because they are the day before Monday, the start of a typical work week. I’m hoping readers will like Sundays because she writes damn good subtle electro pop songs."   – PETE HATES MUSIC

"Mark our words – the Vancouver singer and producer Sundays is going to be big. Her slow-burning, bedroom-crafted, bass-heavy beats and Banks-meets-Lana del Rey vocals effortlessly breed a generally eerie, 3AM vibe that’s instantly compelling. Add her sultry voice to that woozy, percussion-punctuated beat and you can almost close your eyes and see out your window into the city night."   – PRETTY MUCH AMAZING

"Sundays, composes sweet electronic soul."   – AUDITORY COLLECTIVE

"Shadowy, downtempo R&B at its best."   – HILLY DILLY